It’s that time of the year again, where the world starts to smell like raindrops, fresh grass and one smell that never waivers for us is that of croissants baking. Spring brings with it new growth, fresh air, new life and Mother’s Day

This is the season that we like to take a moment and consider the nutritional value of croissants in building babies or, in helping to grow toddlers. (Oh, and let’s not forget, the enjoyment factor of consuming croissants as well!)

So, today we talk about “babies built on croissants”.  Inside and outside of the womb.

Many a tale has been told of pregnant mothers’ cravings bringing them to the doorstops of Le fournil. Most often it’s in the early opening hours, while they begin to develop their day’s hunger. Sometimes, it’s their partners that are sent in to fill up our brown paper bags with treats. We like to think our treats are the fuel for these strong mothers, while they “bake” their own baby in their womb.

We’ve also heard of tales of mamas’ sending their family down to buy almond croissants after labour. Obviously, the nutritional value of the rich and buttery goodness of a flaky croissant would be the ideal food for a new mom. Perhaps we are biased.

Currently building a new baby in her belly is Canmore, Alberta born and raised, Jackie Robinson. During a recent mission to support her cravings, Jackie found that her phone had already prompted her with the approximate driving time to Le fournil (6 min 28 seconds to be exact). And what pâtisserie sent her down to Le fournil you might ask? “The “Danoise aux bleuets”, it’s what I’m always craving.”  Jackie adds, “I’m still breastfeeding my firstborn, and during visits to Le fournil, my girlfriends and I are always talking about the benefits of a Danish for breastfeeding and pregnancy.”

We knew we were onto something! These are our non-scientific findings that our pâtisseries are nutritional (maybe a little emotional) keys to a mother’s pregnancy and early newborn days.

Adrienne Cummings, another Canmore Mama, built her young Wyatt on “pain au chocolat”. Now 11 months old, Wyatt is a regular customer. “Wyatt loves snuggling with Pascale (Owner of Le fournil),” says Adrienne.


Adrienne’s reasons for visiting Le fournil often are because of the attention and the pâtisseries. “The staff swoop in and take Wyatt to the kitchen so I can enjoy my coffee and treat in peace. Who knows what they feed him back there, but he loves it!”. Among Wyatt’s first foods was bread. “One day Pascale came out and asked if he eats bread yet, I wasn’t sure, but he ended up loving it,” says Adrienne. And Wyatt’s favorite Le fournil treat? … “the flakey bits of the croissant.”

Another friend of Le fournil, 4-year-old Taylor, has been a customer since she was born. Taylor began her journey through our pâtisserie case with a croissant and has built her palate from there.

Vanessa Joosten, Taylor’s Mom, is the owner of Back At It Massage, which operates just down the hall from our bakery. Vanessa and Taylor are often spotted on their routine Sunday stop at Le fournil. Their stop includes snacking on chocolate macarons or picking up a pre-ski “Pain au chocolat”, on their way to Lake Louise.  Vanessa’s love for Le fournil is that it is an “environment which is different from any other business in town and I love sharing this place with friends. It’s impressive, high quality food and it’s authentic and kid friendly.”

Our conclusion may not have scientific findings to back it up, but these true stories lead us to believe that croissants and Le fournil baked goods have fantastic nutritional value for your baby, in the belly in tow!