The 6 Reasons Le fournil Is the best place to get your baked goods in Canmore.

Not only are Le fournil Bakery’s offerings obsession-worthy (Bonjour, pâtisseries ? Oui, merci!), but they also — drum roll — evoke a unique sensory experience. That’s right: taste, touch, smell, and even sight; yet we believe it goes beyond that. So, if you’ve been to Le fournil then you likely can instantly associate the treats with first five reasons below, but regardless if you’re a new or returning customer, we bet you didn’t know number six!

1. Smell.
The aroma of the bakery, conjures up emotions of Paris and according to a new study, it can also make you a kinder person. The findings, published in the Journal of Social Psychology, suggest that certain smells can trigger a more positive mood, which leads to a greater degree of altruism in strangers.

2. Touch.
From the delicate and smooth edges of items like the Poire et caramel, to the consistency of fournil’s baguette – each person will find that just holding their items is an experience.

3. Sight.
The perfectly leavened breads with gorgeous scoring, the dainty macarons in uniquely coloured shells, the prefect crema on a steaming hot cup of Fratello coffee.

4. Taste.
Combination of all the senses; “Just like the first time, the gentle shatter of a buttery croissant gives way to whispery soft, airy layers that transport me back to Paris.” – Trina. More of Trina’s relationship with French patisserie’s here.

5. Heart.
Le fournil is a company that is a part of the Bow Valley – their offerings have reached the tummies and tables of residents and visitors alike. Recently voted as Canmore’s ‘Best place to get your baked goods’ by the community in the Rocky Mountain Outlook ‘Best of the Bow’ contest. Le fournil thanked it’s clientele by offering a free croissant to everyone who purchased a latte and a viennoiserie. Yum!

6. Soul.
Le fournil supports local charities; Rocky Mountains Adaptive Sports and the Canmore Hospital Foundation to name a few. What else could you ask for in a café? They are not only members of the Bow Valley community – they are passionate supporters!

Next time you stroll through the glass doors at Le fournil Bakery be sure to take a moment to acknowledge all the senses Chef Tétreault and her dedicated team aim to please, and really take it all in. No two visits are ever quite alike.