Call-in orders and free deliveries to your door!

Dear Bow Valley friends,
We’re back to deliver fresh baked goods to your door and help calm those croissant cravings. Your safety and that of our employees is our # 1 priority. Therefore we will offer free delivery to your door twice a week while the mandated social distancing period stays in effect. This service will end when we are able to reopen our doors.
HOW IT WORKS: Call us at 403-675-5005 to place your order, according to the schedule below.
  • Please note that we will take orders only on the days and times listed below.
  • Please do not leave a message as we will not call back to take your order.
Regular schedule**:

** Recurring weekly schedule during the COVID-19 period only.

ORDERING: Note that we will take orders only for the next delivery day, as stated above.
LIMITED QUANTITIES: There are limited quantity of each item; we will let you know if the combo you have selected is sold out when you call.
DELIVERY: The hours indicate the period during which bags will be dropped off.  We do not guarantee your bag will arrive at a specific time during the stated delivery period.
  • Please ensure someone will be home during the delivery period.
  • We will send a text to the cell number you have provided to indicate that your order has been delivered. Our delivery person won't access any reception areas, ring a buzzer or knock on a door.
  • Social distancing: our delivery person will leave your bag at your door. They will not stay after dropping off your bag; make sure you get to your goodies before the wildlife does!!!
  • Le fournil Bakery reusable cotton bags: during this period of social distancing, we cannot re-use your cotton bag.
Where do we deliver? Dead Man’s Flats – Canmore (all civic addresses; no hotels) – Harvie HeightsPlease, check below for full information and prices. If you have any questions, you can send us an email or contact us through our social media platforms.
We thank you for supporting your local businesses,
Le fournil Bakery Team

What can you order?
Just Croissants - $19.80: Six regular Croissants
And Some Chocolate - $22.80: Three regular
Croissants and three Chocolatines
The Sweet Tooth - $15.20: Two Chocolatines,
one Danoise aux bleuets (blueberry) and one Danoise aux framboises (raspberry)
We Prefer Savory - $15.20: Two regular Croissants, one Pain jambon-fromage (ham and cheese) and one Danoise salée (tomato, pesto and cheese)

All viennoiseries are made with croissant dough.
Just For Me - $8.25: One Pain Montagnard (1kg - white and whole wheat flours, 100% levain)
For Two - $13.30: One Pain Montagnard (1kg - white and whole wheat flours, 100% levain) and one Pain Ménage (traditional white)
For The Family - $17.05: One Pain Montagnard (1kg - white and whole wheat flours, 100% levain), one Pain Ménage (traditional white) and one Baguette (traditional white)
We Love Baguette - $7.50: Two Baguettes (traditional white)
Sweet Nibbles - $10.00: Two mini tartelette au caramel sale et chocolat, one tartelette au citronand one tartelette aux framboises.
Afternoon Tea - $15.00:Two mini tartelette au caramel sale et chocolat, two tartelette au citron and two tartelette aux framboises.
Tarts for us - $13.00: One large Tarte au caramel sale et chocolatand one Tarte citron meringue.

After dinner - $13.25: One individual Gâteau au chocolat and one individual gâteau of the moment (today: Flourless Orange).
We “could” share ($26,25): Four individual gâteau: Gâteau au chocolat, one gâteau of the moment (Flourless Orange), one Tarte au caramel sale et chocolate and one Tarte citron meringue.
The Fix - Gateau au chocolat 6” ($47,00): Devil’s food cake biscuit, light chocolate ganache and chocolate glaze
LF Bread Bag - $13.99: 100% Natural Cotton. Fits one loaf of bread. The cotton’s natural fiber lets the bread breathe (no more mold!) and keeps its freshness***.
LF Baguette Bag - $14.99: 100% Natural Cotton. It fits up to two baguettes****. It is also perfect to carry your yoga mat.
LF Bulk Pack (one small + one large bag) - $11.75: 100% Natural Cotton. Perfect for any bulk purchases and a eco replacement for plastic grocery bags (fruits, nuts, vegetables, etc.).

*** Most breads will keep up to 5 days. Montagnard will stay moist for 24 hours.
**** Baguette should always be consumed on the day it was baked.
Usage: Seal the bag as tight as possible. Do not slice the bread before putting it in the bag. Bread life will also depend on environmental factors (temperature, humidity, dryness, etc.).
Care Instructions: Machine-washable in cold water. Wash inside out. Do not tumble dry. Expect a 10% shrinkage after the first wash.
Once we reopen, all customers providing their reusable bread bags will receive a discount on their purchase.
Housemade Tourtière - $39.40: Frozen meat pie (900g ground pork). Serves 6-8. Baking instructions included. Best served with our house made Ketchup aux fruits.
Housemade Ketchup aux fruits - $15.00/500ml: Tomatoes, onions, celery, apples, peaches/pears, grapes, vinegar, sugar, salt and spices.
À la québécoise - $53.00: A perfect combo that includes our housemade Tourtière pie and a 500ml jar of our housemade Ketchup aux fruits.
La Confiture de Mamie (Mamie's Strawberry Jam) - $8.50/500ml: Strawberries and sugar.
Le Fournil Bakery House Blend - $18.00/340g or $47.00/907g: Dark roasted blend with chocolate undertones.
Café Italiano - $18.00/340g or $47.00/907g: Medium roasted blend with creamy and nutty tones.

By Caffè Monte roasters
Le fournil Bakery's levain 100g container / $2.25
Available for delivery only if other items or combos are purchased at the same time.
If purchased by itself, may be picked up at the bakery's front door after 11am on your pickup day (scheduled when ordered).
Le fournil Bakery's Gift Cards
Available for delivery only if other items or combos are purchased at the same time.
If purchased by itself, may be picked up at the bakery's front door after 11am on your pickup day (scheduled when ordered).