The Pastry Academy

Amaury Guichon is one of the youngest and most influential pastry chefs in the international pastry scene. He has travelled around the planet to learn and master technical skills that made him one of the best chocolatiers in the world.

He has been awarded with the title of Meilleur apprenti de France (Best Apprentice in France). Chef Guichon can create absolutely everything with chocolate: from fantasy figures and delicately detailed confections, to extraordinary creations filled with absolute taste and elegance.

Guichon partnered with Chef Michel Ernots (co-founder and entitled of Meilleur Artisan de Belgique) to create The Pastry Academy (Las Vegas) where they both teach and inspire students from around the world with their incredible creations and high level techniques.

The Academy is a dream journey for every pastry chef. The lucky ones entering in the course will work on a full pastry theme from week one to ten, starting with breakfast pastries, croissant making, chocolate work all the way to contemporary and creative pastry.

We are honoured to say that our Pastry Chef, Jenna Schmidek, is currently attending this 10-week course where she will hone her technical and practical skills.
Our staff can’t wait to have her back to hear, see and taste what she’s learnt. You can follow her on Instagram: @jennathebakist

Rock it Schmidek!