When you walk through the doors at Le fournil Bakery, you are instantly transported into another world. The aromas, the colours and the sound of an “accent aigu” (acute accent) in a French phrase from behind the counter. You ask yourself, “How is this possible in Canmore, Alberta?” Well, with your curiosity in mind and a handful of interesting facts, we have decided to let you in on a few ‘secrets’ about us — secrets that you definitely want to know.

1 – I Can’t Believe It’s THAT Much Butter
Have you ever wondered how much butter we use to create all the delicious offerings at Le fournil? Each week we use 80-100 lbs. That’s the equivalent of an 8-9 year-old child in pound-age of butter! But as we’ve been known to say, “The only thing better than butter … is more but-ter.”

2 – Oh Canada
That being said, where do we get all that butter? Parmalat, of course; it’s made in Canada.
Unlike some bakeries, we do not import butter to laminate our croissants. Although 82-84% milk-fat butter is usually used to laminate puff pastry, we find we get excellent results from the 80% milk-fat butter that we use.

3 – The Sky Is The Limit
Last year, as of August 2016, if you took the total amount of pâtisseries (cakes, tarts, etc., but not viennoiseries) that we sold and stacked them one on top of each other, the height of this de-licious tower would measure to the equivalent height of the Eiffel Tower (without the radio an-tenna). That’s 984 feet or 300 metres and, A LOT of pâtisseries.

4 – Holy Cow
In butter and milk alone, Le fournil uses 1/3 of an entire year’s production of one milking cow. And no, despite what you may think, we do not have a cow in the back. But with the amount of dairy deliveries we require, perhaps we should look into buying a dairy farm?

5 – Wheat Kings
We love to shop local! The flour we use comes from the P&H Milling Group mill in Lethbridge, AB. This mill has been located in the heart of Alberta grain country since 1906, and produces a variety of hard wheat flours, soft wheat flour, rye flour, durum semolina and Atta. We are very well known for our creations and are proud of our connection with the Canadian P&H Milling Group.

6 – Meet Jenna
Our Pastry Chef, Jenna, started with us right out of SAIT; a little over a month before the floods of 2013. Unfortunately, those floods caused her to lose her job for the next fourteen months. That being said, we were thrilled to discover that she waited for us and, came back as soon as she could. We also know that our customers are happy she’s here, too.

7 – Hello, Rayleen
A Baker with more than 10 years of experience, Raylene became our Head Baker in 2014. Her career initially began in some smaller artisan shops around Calgary but she decided to make the move to Canmore to help out out team. We have been grateful for her leadership ever since.

8 – Du Chocolat
Le fournil uses many different types of chocolates, and yes, we must try them all. As you can imagine, taste-testing can be a very difficult job, but someone has to do it. One of the brands synonymous in our kitchen is Barry Callebaut. You will taste this chocolate in a number of your favourite treats. For our smoother chocolate treats, we implement the favour of their Alunga chocolate. It features loads of cocoa flavour and, is never too sweet nor too milky.

9 – It’s All About the Character
Different chocolates will bring out different profiles in each item; we call that the character. The character needs to be carefully considered for the taste, the texture, the combination, the aroma and, the layers. Chef Tétreault often says, “We make ephemeral art!”

10 – Yes, Chef!
Have you ever wondered how Chef Pascale Tétreault came to open Le fournil Bakery?
In her words, “It’s not so complicated.”

“When I was much younger, I went on a trip in the Charlevoix region in Quebec and we were going from auberge to auberge, and at each stop we ate 5-7 course dinners. The food was amazing and I thought, this is what I should have done,” she explains. “I was about 30 years old at the time, so when I mentioned my thoughts [of becoming a Chef], I was discouraged from pursuing such a drastic life change. Instead, I went about life. I had children and followed the course. But when I turned 40, I realized that my dream was still with me.”

It was at that moment Chef Tétreault took charge and knew that it was time: “I have always loved walking into a Boulangerie or Pâtisserie. I love the look of them, the smell of it all and, although I’m not a cake person, I’m actually a bread person, I think it’s all so beautiful and I wanted it. So, I made it.”

Each and every story in life is made up of many different chapters and, Le fournil Bakery is no different. The entire staff are extremely proud of where they have been, where they are going. We look forward to writing many more stories with the local community and, with visitors from around the world.