Four ways to express love through Chocolate at Le fournil

We all know it, we’ve all seen it, in real life, or in 1 million movies:
Chocolate = True Love.


Yes, true love. And, that’s almost a fact.

Chocolate has been around, cultured and cultivated for at least three millennia. Chocolate’s first love dance began in ancient Aztec and Mayan cultures as a celebrated gift.  Sometime in the 1500’s Christopher Columbus encountered it and acquired his own taste for the treat and sailed it home.

Chocolate, as a critical display of Valentine’s true love, began in the mid-1800’s. Richard Cadbury attempted to make drinking chocolate more palatable by creating ‘eating chocolate’. Cadbury created his gift boxes in the shape of hearts that could be saved as keepsakes. Soon the link between love and chocolates was made official.

The French connection

Fast forward over 200 years to Le fournil Bakery’s grand opening. The Bow Valley is introduced to their in-house Pain au chocolat.  Flaky, rich in butter and filled with Callebaut chocolate, the French tradition of croissant meets chocolate lives on. If paired with a Fratello cappuccino and the love of your life, a coffee date at Le fournil might just make it official.

Chocolate and pâtisserie

Perhaps you’d like to skip the pleasantries of a viennoiserie and jump straight to our Nuée lactée? Made, with love of course, by our head pastry chef Jenna, this is an evocative pâtisserie. Alunga milk chocolate mousse meets Mexique dark chocolate crémeux with a caramel crunch atop a chocolate sablé. This is an example of what all the fuss is about when it comes to an amorous chocolate experience.

The drink of connaisseurs

Good chocolate, much like good wine, has a complex and rich flavour profile, and we’ve incorporated that into our luxurious hot chocolate. A dark chocolate with an intense taste is mellowed by a barely sweet milk chocolate, cream and milk to create this liquid delight. If you are chilly, wanting simply to wrap your hands around a warm cup of hot cocoa and stare into the eyes of your one true love, without the fuss of a fork, our chocolat chaud is for you.

Sip, sit and fall back in love.

Mon Chou

With Valentine’s day around the corner, we’ve come up with our own version of what love can taste like. We call it Mon Chou.

Cupid’s attack comes swiftly the moment you lay eyes on our Valentine’s

The 6 choux, a light pastry dough, individually filled with chocolate and vanilla cream, are topped with a dark chocolate ring. The ring is decorated with lemon buttercream, raspberry ganache, fresh raspberries and strawberries. We’ve also added edible flowers, gold meringue nuggets and, of course, chocolate decoration.

We believe so much in our version of edible love that we are giving one Mon Chou away to a lucky winner.

To enter, snap and share a photo of yourself enjoying a Le fournil treat with your love, and share it through your social media accounts. (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) We give entries for sister love, mom love, dad love, sibling love, child love etc., and most definitely partner love. You must make an appearance in the photo for it to count. If your Instagram account is private, your entry will not be recorded.

  • Bonus entry if you are eating a Le fournil chocolate treat with your love on top of a mountain. Because now, that’s real commitment 😉

View the Contest Terms & Conditions.

With Love,

Le fournil Bakery