Pure butter croissant.


“Chocolatine (aka pain au chocolat)”. Croissant with chocolate.

Danoise aux framboises

Raspberry and almond cream danish.

Danoise aux bleuets

Blueberry and cream cheese danish.

Pain aux raisins

Rum-soaked raisins, pastry cream.

Poires et chocolat

Danoise aux poires et chocolat. Pears, chocolate, crème pâtissière.

Croissant aux amandes

Croissant with almond cream.

Pain jambon-fromage

Croissant with ham and Emmental cheese.

Danoise salée

Tomato, cheddar cheese and pesto – contains nuts.

Chocolatine aux amandes

Chocolate croissant (Chocolatine) with almond cream.

Monkey Bread

Croissant with cinnamon sugar.