We are a French-inspired bakery with a Canadian flair nestled in the heart of Canmore, Alberta, in the Canadian Rockies.

It is our goal to provide small moments of pleasure in the form of edible art – from our crusty authentic French baguettes to our delightful pâtisseries.

We use only the highest quality of natural ingredients, we always consider seasonal availability, and we source locally whenever possible.

Our accomplished team is dedicated to the art and science of baking; incredible flavour with stunning aesthetics are our passion.

You’ll find us just 1 hour and 20 minutes west from downtown Calgary and 50 minutes east of Lake Louise. We look forward to welcoming and serving you in our bakery café.


What does “fournil” mean?

The word fournil is an old French word, first seen written in the 12th century. It essentially means “bakehouse” and is the area where the bread oven is located in a community.

Centuries ago, homes did not have a bread oven. Communities leaned on the communal oven, often located in the centre of the village, to bake their bread. Villagers would create the dough and score their bread at home then proceed to the fournil to have their bread baked.

The baker (boulanger in French) would receive a loaf or milled grain in exchange for their work.


Consider us your boulanger and let us serve you some of our handcrafted bread for your daily needs.

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