Mousse Duck Foie Gras


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This foie gras mousse is exclusively made of duck and includes 60% of foie gras, which allows for preserving an authentic taste in addition to giving it a light and creamy texture.

Use and storage: Refrigerate for three hours before tasting. Temper 15-20 minutes before opening the can to make it easier to unmold. Open both lids and gently push towards the widest part. Stores for 3-6 days in the refrigerator after opening.

Serving suggestion: spread on bread, baguette or crackers; make small appetizers of puff pastries stuffed with the mousse; add fleur de sel, some onion confit, fruit jelly, fresh figs and/or pears.

Ingredients: farm-raised duck foie gras, milk, fine duck fat, duck liver, eggs, salt and pepper, spices.

Contains: milk, eggs.

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